Infinite Reflections

This is a Spark to change the world. The basics and ideals of this game have been discussed in the Kickstarter campaign. But there is so much more that this game has to offer.

Spark Community isn’t just a game, but also a blueprint of real-world life skills. The game can likewise be used as a blueprint of real-world cooperative community-building. An online version could even pave the way for a real one.

Picture a game that has been upgraded to contain the specifics of the real world that waits outside your door. You can explore and cultivate the online version of that world and build a community with players who live nearby. Finally, you can use the skills developed in Spark to create your own real community that mirrors your online environment! Read more

Community Design Overview

We’re in search of solutions to help a world that’s full of problems. The world already has many great solutions for solving our problems. The problem is we forget history, we get distracted, we specialize, fail to communicate, and reinvent the wheel. The irony is we have the best technology ever available! We are more connected than ever. We need fun and engaging tools to help educate, remind us of what we already know, and interact with problems from a different perspective. Read more