How to be effective?

How to be effective? Make strategic goals and tasks. Be consistent and disciplined. Make good use of your time. Keep it simple. Put in the time and effort. Work like you mean it. Make a habit of it.

“Success is obedience to a structured way of life, you can’t ignore the structure because we’re all within its sight!” — Operation Ivy, Gonna Find You

To some extent, this means taking away the feeling. What I feel like changes every day. We can somewhat cheat the process with love and inspiration. If we love what we do it doesn’t feel like work at all. Find something you love about your work.

Goals can help us move forward at a faster pace. With time-based goals, we can accomplish more and be more successful.

Motivation is important. What really motivates you? Is it enough to get you to take consistent action? Remember that pleasure and pain are motivating. Your brain is a computer you need to program.

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