Restoring land for community

I’m imagining the design of a complex system through game technology. I’m working on a system that imagines what it will be like to live in harmony with nature, technology, people and ecosystems. We won’t have the luxury of living like we do today forever. In the future, we’ll live much more intelligently, efficiently and cooperatively. Those with resources, clean water, healthy food, and jobs will prevail.

I’m focused on optimizing a complex system. A central question is whether a unit of land is capable of providing our desired standard of living in a sustainable and safe way. Can we improve our design and technology to make land that isn’t appropriate for living into something that is functional?

Can we use bioremediation to fix damaged land and ecosystems to make them appropriate and safe for us to live on? What are the different levels of damage? What are the time frames for each level of damage? What are the techniques? Which levels of damage are we not capable of correcting (e.g., nuclear waste)? How much money will it cost to correct systems back to states that are safe for humans to live sustainably?

How much will it cost to create a sustainable community in the best of circumstances with the best land possible? What kinds of knowledge and skills will be necessary—including maintenance—for evolution and design improvement? What kinds of social, political, financial and legal systems will be needed?

We can visualize the answers to these questions together in a virtual game environment model that responds to our actions and choices.

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