Community design overview

We’re in search of solutions to help a world that’s full of problems. The world already has many great solutions for solving our problems. The problem is we forget history, we get distracted, we specialize, fail to communicate, and reinvent the wheel. The irony is we have the best technology ever available! We are more connected than ever. We need fun and engaging tools to help educate, remind us of what we already know, and interact with problems from a different perspective.

Systems have become so complex that we’ve lost our ability to easily understand them (e.g. financial crisis). We don’t fully understand our power to change the natural world and the impact we have. It’s important that we simplify systems to a local level so that we can more immediately see the effects of the decisions we make on a daily basis. A game is a perfect way to analyze behaviors and gain insight. The Spark Community game simplifies a lot of our problems and solutions down to a scale that makes sense.

Our current systems, structures, and environment are not set up to support us for sustainability and health. Right now most systems are designed around a problematic model based on cars and fossil fuels. We forget that we’re biological beings living in a biological world and we’re all connected. We can’t go on polluting the land indefinitely. What would it look like to have a system designed to balance the needs of people, nature, and technology?

The Spark Community game visualizes a world where we live within our means. Here we can develop an approach where we meet many of our needs locally. This allows us to solve several problems. The design we’ve created is a system that supports us while minimizing our impact on the natural world. We’re exploring a means of ensuring food, housing, and work without destroying the environment.

Spark Community is more than a game; it’s an exploration of solutions for a better world. How can we advance health, happiness, and knowledge? None of us have all the answers and that’s why we’re making a game. We are inviting you to help. We’re offering the opportunity to reinvent community together. Spark Community represents hope for a better world. It only takes the spark of an idea to ignite a wildfire—a chain reaction that spreads for many miles and changes everything.

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